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New Products

Rotating all IN and OUT terminals
Rotatable terminal type splitters made of zinc die-casting

This information provides typical product information we developed especially for Japan.
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MASPRO launched rotatable terminal type splitters, SPFK series, made of zinc die-casting.
Their terminal directions of SPFK splitters are rotatable about 110 degrees (each about 55 degrees to right and left) because of the adoption of rotatable structure for each terminal. Right and left rotatable terminals will place cables in a lump, which neatly wires with saving space without complicatedly arranging cables inside a switchboard and/or a distribution board.
SPFK splitters are ideal for not only new construction but also reconstruction.

Product Name Model
Rotatable terminal 4-way splitter 4SPFK
Rotatable terminal 5-way splitter 5SPFK
Rotatable terminal 6-way splitter 6SPFK
Rotatable terminal 8-way splitter 8SPFK


Background ideas for development

Former splitters for TV wiring construction were required to install in consideration of cable bending due to their unrotatable IN and OUT terminals. Especially inside of a switchboard, high constructing skill was required to wire cables and install splitters.
Thus, SPFK splitters rotating all IN and OUT terminals and wiring coaxial cables in a lump were developed.
It is possible to easily install splitters without complicated wiring inside of a switchboard, which provides installer with high efficiency.

Main Features

Rotatable terminal type

IN and OUT terminal directions are rotatable 55 degrees each to right and left, which makes to easily install F-type connectors and to wire on various situations without extending cables.
SPFK splitters have rotatable IN and OUT terminals to suitable directions after connecting cables.


Saving space of a switchboard

Directing coaxial cables in the same direction installs neatly with saving inside space of a switchboad. There is no different execution of each installer, so providing easier regular maintenance of a building.

Convenient guideline for installing to switchboard

A side guideline allows to easily adjust to a scale of a switchboard and to neatly install the product.

Visible indicator

Installed cables do not cover the indicators because of these terminals rotatable right and left.

Big and clear indication of IN and OUT

The big and clear indication enables smooth wiring without any mistakes.

Superior electromagnetic interference(EMI) shielding

Our unique contact structure of rotatable terminal, zinc die-casting case and press fitting structure provide superior shielding which is ideal for countermeasure against radio interference at intense electric field.

Environmentally-friendly eco product

EU RoHS Compliant