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Our Mission

With RF and Digital Technologies we developed in Japan.

MASPRO DENKOH has been recognized by many customers with development and launching of Digital broadcasting products, such as Antennas, Boosters, VHF/UHF/Satellite Level Checker and so on, toward digitalization of terrestrial broadcasting in Japan.
Analog broadcasting ended and Japan has now completed the switch to Digital terrestrial and satellite broadcasting. However, there are a lot of countries where broadcasting service are not yet converted to Digital transmission.


MASPRO DENKOH is planning to launch high-performance and high-quality TV receiving products, which are being recognized in Japan, to the TV receiving marketplaces in Asia from MASPRO LANKA established in Sri Lanka in 2010, and MASPRO VIETNAM established in Vietnam in 2012.
In Sri Lanka, we have already started to sell Antennas and Boosters and so on. Besides, we launched new product, Built-in-Booster Antennas for VHF/UHF MASPRO DENKOH brand with High-performance then High-quality is gradually pervading the local market.
Moreover, in Hong Kong, they already started digital broadcasting. We are selling them new Indoor-use UHF Boosters which prevent signal interference and offer excellent shielding ahead of any other competitors. It is being attracted good reputation through the local market.
MASPRO DENKOH is willing to introduce TV receiving products aggressively, such as Antennas, Boosters, VHF/UHF/Satellite Level Checker, etc. for digital use under our RF technology, additionally, makes a jump from “MASPRO in JAPAN” to “MASPRO of the WORLD”.