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Business Philosophy

Cultivate ideas. Great ideas engender great products.
Think ! Think ! Think !
Good Thinking creates Good Products. To make this happen, we always have to think.Think! Think! Think! And Think! When a trial product is completed, We check and feel from the various points, and use it as an End User, consult with other department staff and improve it.Those procedures/actions polish a trial product and make it a good product.MASPRO DENKOH has the President’s Principles as the management philosophy and the first point of the President’s Principles is “Cultivate ideas. Great ideas engender great products.” The essence of MASPRO DENKOH’s products originates from this principle. This is the message from Mr.Takashi Hashiyama, our founder, and he used this principle for employee training.“Le Penseur”by Rodin is placed at the front yard of our headquarters. Mr. Hashiyama wished our company staff to look at this sculpture everyday and make himself/herself think everyday. We, MASPRO DENKOH, have been developing and manufacturing from the very beginning of TV Broadcasting commenced and will not change this basic attitude of making products even in the era of ubiquitous network.
Original Limited Edition of Rodin’s “Le Penseur”is located in the front yard of the head office.
Our President’s Principles and Guidelines for Management
All directors, officers, and employees of our company are expected to
conduct business activities in accordance with the following principles and guidelines.
The President’s Principles

  • Cultivate ideas. Great ideas engender great products
  • Strive to do what nobody else has done.
  • Draw the line clearly between work and private time.
  • Work under an excellent chief, and become one yourself.
  • Believe in good luck and never miss out on an opportunity for success.
  • Believe in a higher power. A person who does not believe in something bigger is diminished.
  • Strive for high moral standards.
  • Build self-confidence in your work.Think, “I am Maspro’s best hope”.
  • Ask yourself, “Are we up to the highest standards?”
  • Speak up! (Don’t hesitate to propose your ideas.)
  • Maintain your emotional and physical well-being at work.
Guidelines for Management

  • A customer is a king. A customer is always right.
  • Make good decisions and resolutions.
  • Always strive for excellent leadership in your management.
  • Determine to exceed the sales target. Always seek for opportunities for sales increases and keep your eye on the sales graph(curve).
  • Perform business with unyielding integrity and immense energy.
  • Have a clear vision of a product’s sales potential.
  • Foresee and prepare for the future.
  • Make ceaseless efforts to develop new technologies and markets.
  • Every branch, section, and general manager should make the rounds to visit customers, instead of keeping his or her chair warm.
  • Set cooperative objectives to contribute to society.
  • Keep in mind the old but still insightful proverb,”Pride goes before a fall.”Conceited management is the first step toward the downfall of the company.

Codes of Conduct

The Executives and Employees of Maspro Co. will comply with relevant laws, social standards (ethics) and company policies & rules and establish following Codes of Conduct to carry out business activities in fair and transparent manner as a good corporate citizen.
Compliance with laws and regulations
We will comply with laws, regulations and social ethics , establish high ethical standard at all times by;
  • Complying with laws& regulations and social standards.
  • Acting correctly, fairly and with integrity.
  • Striving to establish higher ethical standard and compliance consciousness.
Relationship with customers
We will provide products and services that are socially beneficial and protect customer privacy by;
  • Fostering communication with customers and providing products & services that are safe, secure and joy to use.
  • Managing securely all personal privacy information which are entrusted from not only customers but including other stakeholders.
Relationship with suppliers, industries and authorities
We will compete in fair, transparent and free manner and maintain sound relationship with political bodies and government administration by;
  • Complying with Anti-monopoly laws, unfair trade laws, anti-money laundering and Intellectual property Rights laws to make transactions impartially and transparently. This effort to realize free competition will promote industry development.
  • Upholding political neutrality to maintain sound relationship with politicians and governmental officials.
  • Not receiving or giving gift, entertainment and bribe for the purpose of obtaining illicit gains and unfair advantage.
Relationship with employees
We will respect employee diversity & human rights and provide safe, employee friendly workplace by;
  • Promoting equal opportunity society, including affirmative actions to empower women, through respecting each employee’s human rights, diversity, character and personality. Protect personal privacy and prevent harassment & discrimination according to race, nationality, belief, religion, disability, age and sexuality.
  • Fulfilling employee’s welfare and sense of well-being, securing comfortable, safe and hygienic workplace, and fostering corporate culture enabling employees to work in creative and liberal environment.
  • Respecting ability, values and attitude of each other so that right resource allocation and fair equal opportunity can be organized.
  • Not engaging in any type of inhumane acts, verbal or otherwise, which lead to harassment, molestation, cruelty and degradation.
Assets/Rights Management and Protection
We will approach assets & rights management & protection by;
  • Striving to manage assets and properties appropriately and achieve efficiency of operation.
  • Strictly protect and manage Intellectual Property Rights and respect those of others by paying detailed attention not to violate them.
  • Handling with strict confidence, the privacy information of clients, customers, executives and employees.
Environmental Approach
We will voluntarily approach to environmental issues;
  • Promote positive everyday activities to protect global environment, through effective usage, recycling, save-energy, reduce industrial wastage to avoid environmental contamination.
  • Promote environmental consciousness by employee training.
Social Contribution Activity
We will promote contribution to society by;
  • Making positive social contribution through collaboration with local community and society as a “Good Corporate Citizen”.
Confronting Anti-social forces (Organized Crime)
Relationship to Anti-social forces;
  • We will resolutely confront and cut off any ties with Anti-social forces and organized crime groups and their unjustified claims to keep peace and order of society.
Compliance in international ocieties
We will contribute to societies where Maspro has foreign operations by;
  • Complying with the laws and regulations and respecting the culture and social practices of countries where operation are based.
  • Taking care to fulfill Corporate Social Responsibility procurement by refusing factories operating child and forced labor.


MASPRO DENKOH is aiming at zero-toxic waste/usage against Global Environmental Threats. We are promoting “Green” Procurement, such as preventing to use six materials of RoHS* (Restriction of Hazardous Substances) and other harmful items. We continue to contribute toward Good Future for Human Being and for Environment.
*RoHS, also known as Lead-Free, stands for Restriction of Hazardous Substances. originated in the European Union and restricts the use of six hazardous materials found in electrical and electronic products. metals such as lead, mercury, cadmium, and hexavalent chromium and flame retardants such as polybrominated biphenyls (PBB) or polybrominated diphenyl ethers (PBDE)


Cultivate ideas. Great ideas engender great products.
Aiming at energy-saving, resourcesaving, recycling. Working on development, manufacture, sales and after sales service of environmentally friendly products.
Management Objective is to contribute to the Society
  • Strives to increase our level of customer satisfaction by offering products and services that are safe, reassuring and environmentally friendly.
  • Has been proceeding with “Green Procurement” that aims to RoHS* and making efforts to reduce the environmental load generated from our manufacturing.
  • Continues to work on waste reduction, waste processing and pollution prevention.
  • Complies with environmental laws, regulations, and the requests from customers which we have agreed upon.
  • Has been conducting a range of environmental education and awareness-raising activities for all its employees in order to raise the standards of the environmental conservation.
  • Sets its specific environmental targets and goals for its business activities. It will make plans for auditing its Environmental Management System, and evaluating our activities for making improvements.
  • Head Office