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Easy turn on! No need wire distribution!
New Release of Monitor & Wireless HD Camera Set

This information provides typical product information we developed especially for Japan.
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MASPRO launched Monitor & Wireless HD Camera Set, WHC7M, taking videos with cameras and watching them with a monitor just turning on devices.

Product Name Model
Monitor & Wireless HD Camera Set WHC7M
Camera for extension WHC7M-C

Main Features

  1. Easy setup! No wire distribution!

    Just turning on a monitor, it shows videos taken with Wireless HD Camera. A touch screen monitor allows easy recording and setup of the camera, so that it does not require PCs for its operation.

  2. Outdoor wireless HD camera

    IP66 camera standardized dustproof and waterproof is installable outdoor as well as indoor. (The monitor is for indoor use.)

  3. Watching clear images with 720p HD camera (Recording resolution 1280×720)

System drawing


Background ideas for development

Security products of MASPRO DENKOH receive good fame from the market because of the product line of high-performance network cameras. While advancing high and multi functionalities of security products, it was additionally required “simple installation and setup camera” by customers.
MASPRO therefore launched Monitor & Wireless HD Camera Set, WHC7M, simply and easily watching videos with a monitor, in order to meet a wide range of customers’ requirements.


Other features and functions

7 inch touch screen LCD monitor

Operating with touch screen is easy to set up and record. (Monitor resolution 800×480)

Maximum 300 meters wireless communication

300 meters communication between cameras and a monitor provides videos taken with cameras for the entire house. (Subject to non-interference at a sight distance)

Maximum IR radiation distance Approx.10 meters

It records even at night because cameras have IR LEDs for night vision.

MicroSD card slot equipped with a monitor

A monitor equips microSD card slot, which enables to record and play back videos by microSD card (not included). The record mode is selectable from 3 modes, Sensor, Schedule and Manual. (MicroSD card: class 10 or more, Max. capacity 128GB recommended)

Maximum 4 units camera connection with a monitor

Connecting cameras for extension, WHC7M-C, separately sold, a monitor shows maximum 4 videos.

Watching with smartphones/tablets

If a monitor connects to the Internet, you can check videos
taken with cameras by smartphones and tablets
at a visiting place. (Supported OS: iOS6.0 or newer, Android4.0 or newer)


Motion detection by human sensor

Cameras have human sensors, which is able to record videos on microSD card once sensing. It issues a warning to smartphones and tables.
Internet connection is required.