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New Products

Full high-definition CCTV system with analog cameras

New release of 1080p AHD cameras,
recorder and SD card camera!

This information provides typical product information we developed especially for Japan.
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MASPRO launched 3 types of 1080p AHD cameras and 1080p AHD recorder,
which are also used for existing analog camera system, and wireless varifocal HD camera with SD card slot.

Product Name Model
1080p AHD camera ASM14
1080p AHD dome camera ASM08
1080p AHD varifocal camera ASM85
1080p AHD recorder ASMR64
Wireless varifocal HD camera with SD card slot ASM02SD

Main Features

  1. 2 megapixels AHD cameras (ASM14, ASM08 and ASM85)

    1080p AHD video data with 2 megapixels CMOS-sensor is transmitted at the distance of max. 500m via coaxial cable.

  2. Wireless varifocal HD camera with SD card slot (ASM02SD)

    The camera wirelessly records videos onto SD card, and is compatible with max. 256GB SD card.

Background ideas for development

With rise in safe and security awareness in recent years, we received many customers’ requests that they would like to update the existing analog security camera system to higher definition with low costs, or they would like to install security cameras at the far place from monitoring area.

MASPRO therefore launched 1080p AHD cameras and recorder to be the full high-definition system using existing analog coaxial cable without additional wiring, and wireless HD camera with SD card slot to record onto SD card at the far place from monitoring area.

Installation example


Connection example


Other features and functions

IP66 for outdoor use (ASM14, ASM08, ASM85 and ASM02SD)

These cameras can be placed in any outdoor location with waterproof/weatherproof IP66 compliant.
(Limited ingress permitted, Installation in a sheltered location recommended.)

Varifocal lens (ASM85 and ASM02SD)

The varifocal lens allows you to adjust a focal length and see at all distances.
Horizontal angle ASM85: Approx. 102 – 33° ASM02SD: Approx. 81 – 23°

Privacy masking (ASM14, ASM08, ASM85 and ASM02SD)

The function allows you to block certain areas (Max. 4 areas) of a scene from the camera’s view.

Night vision (ASM14, ASM08, ASM85 and ASM02SD)

The cameras have IR LEDs for night vision.

Automatically overwrite (ASM02SD)

Once the card capacity is full, it will automatically overwrite on previous recorded files to keep the new recording data.
(We recommend exchanging old SD card for new one periodically.)

Flip/Mirror (ASM14, ASM08, ASM85 and ASM02SD)

You can install cameras upside down.

Motion detection (ASMR64)

The recorder records with motion detection, even if installed cameras do not have motion detection function.

Recording 2 megapixels videos by 4 channels (ASMR64)

You can record 1080p videos by 4 AHD cameras.

Calendar search mode (ASMR64)

The calendar search mode allows you to easily search for and playback recorded videos.

Remote Access (ASMR64)

You can view your security cameras connecting the recorder on your PC or smartphone, with connecting to Internet.

For remote access function, you need to visit websites with communication charges by smartphones/tablets. Its communication charges are subject to the communication company which you use.