UHF ANTENNAS for Home Use51①Weather Boot ………………………………1pc.②F-type Connector (for 5C cable) ………1pc.③Wrench(10, 17mm) ………………………1pc.AccessoriesFor intense/medium electric field areas (70dBμV/m or more)●Use in an area where strong TV signals can be received, such as near a transmitting tower.● Depending on the building structure or installation location, the signal may not be able to be received, even in areas with an intense or medium electric fi eld.The position of the mounting bracket can be changed to receive horizontal or vertical polarized waves. In addition, the output terminal can be rotated 90°to allow the connection cable to be faced downward for excellent water resistance, regardless of whether the antenna is positioned to receive horizontal or vertical polarized waves.Patent pendingModelGain(dB)Output Impedance(Ω)VSWRFront-to Back Ratio(dB)Wind Surface Area(m2)H×W×D(mm)Weight(kg)U2SWL247.5-9.775(F-type Connector)3 or less16-250.18670×270×193(When installed on the wall)670×270×251(With φ49mm mast)Approx. 4.2U2SWL24(BE)806MHz470dBdB302520151054321121086490807060GainFront-to-Back RatioVSWRAMERICAN ch.6968676665641415161718192021222324252627282930313233343536373839404142434445464748495051525354555657585960616263EUROPEAN ch.626160592122232425262728293031323334353637383940414243444546474849505152535455565758˚(degree)Beam WidthU2SWL24 U2SWL24(BE)(Warm white)(Beige)*2Gainequivalent to a24-elementantenna *2 *2 This is a comparison based on a MASPRO antenna with a low band (Japan ch. 13-30) gain that is primarily used with digital terrestrial broadcasts.Example of position for receiving vertical polarized wavesWallBalconyMast●③●①●②The mounting bracket on the antenna can be used to install the antenna on the wall, balcony, or mast, so another antenna mounting bracket is not needed.Install at various locationsReceives horizontal or vertical polarized wavesThe unique mounting bracket mechanism enables the antenna to be adjusted up to 60° horizontally when positioned to receive horizontal polarized waves and up to 15° horizontally when positioned to receive vertical polarized waves.Patent pending60°60°Slide the mounting bracket.Top view(when positioned to receive horizontal polarized waves)Top view(when positioned to receive horizontal polarized waves)Adjust the direction after installationRotate the output terminal 90°.Gain7.5-9.7dB *1 The value of the electric fi eld intensity is for reference.U2SWL24Compact TypeOutdoor UseInstallation LocationIntense/medium electric fi eld areasElectric fi eld intensity of 70dBμV/m or more *1Reception ChannelsE ch.21-62A ch.14-69Adaptable Mast Diameter(mm)Mast:22-49Square rod:25×25-45×45PolarizationHorizontal/VerticalE : European Standard A : American StandardThe antenna performance graph is an example of actual data.