UHF ANTENNAS for Home Use41①Weather Boot ………………………………1pc.②F-type Connector(For 5C cable) ………1pc.③Wrench(17mm) ……………………………1pc.④Mast Fixing Screw(60mm) ………………2pcs. For masts with a diameter of 32mm or more and square rods of 30 ×30mm or more. *1 An example of an area with an intense electric field is a location where a transmitting tower is visible. In locations where electric waves are obstructed and reception is low, use an antenna for use in an area with a medium electric field, even when located near a transmitting tower. *2 The value of the electric field intensity is for reference*3 Use the supplied mast fi xing screws (60 mm) for masts with a diameter of 32 mm or more and square rods of 30 × 30 mm or more.E : European Standard A : American StandardU2SWLCompact TypeThe wide antenna directivity and unique antenna mobility enable adjustment over a wide range even when installed on the wall or balcony.Rear bracket enables horizontal rotation up to 45° in either direction.Top viewUHF digital transmitting towerModelGain(dB)Output Impedance(Ω)VSWRFront-to Back Ratio(dB)Wind Surface Area(m2)H×W×D(mm)Weight(kg) U2SWL4.5-8.575(F-type Connector)2.5 or less7-130.11600×180×144(When installed on the wall)600×180×200(With φ49mm mast)Approx.2.1U2SWL(BE)U2SWL(BR)U2SWLU2SWL(BE)U2SWL(BR)(Warm white)(Beige)(Brown)*3Gainequivalent to a14-elementantenna *3●③●④●①●②AccessoriesThe mounting bracket on the antenna can be used to install the antenna to a wall, balcony, or mast, so a separate antenna mounting bracket is not needed.*3 This is a comparison based on a MASPRO antenna with a low band (Japan ch. 13-30) gain that is primarily used with digital terrestrial broadcasts.WallBalconyMastInstall at various locationsAdjust the direction after installationOutdoor UseInstallation LocationIntense electric fi eld areas *1Electric fi eld intensity of 80dBμV/m or more *2Reception ChannelsE ch.21-62A ch.14-69Adaptable Mast Diameter(mm)Mast:22~49*3Square Rod:25×25~45×45*3PolarizationHorizontalGain4.5-8.5dB()806MHz470dBdB302520151053211210864120110100908070GainVSWRFront-to-Back RatioBeam WidthAMERICAN ch.1415161718192021222324252627282930313233343536373839404142434445464748495051525354555657585960616269686766656463EUROPEAN ch.212223242526272829303132333435363738394041424344454647484950515253545556576261605958˚(degree)The antenna performance graph is an example of actual data.For intense electric field areas (80dBμV/m or more)●Use in an area where strong TV signals can be received, such as near a transmitting tower.●Depending on the building structure or installation location, the signal may not be able to be received, even in areas with an intense electric field.