AUDIO VISUAL EQUIPMENT248VSW41AV SELECTORPassive Type (requires no power supply)ModelInput/Output(Video)Input/Output(Audio)DimensionsH×W×D(mm)Weight(g)VSW41Input:4 / Output:1 RCA Pin JacksInput:4-system / Output:1-system RCA Pin Jacks Stereo47×170×190(Package Dimensions: 57×237×187)810(Total Weight: 960)VCRDVD playerVideo CameraDVD recorder VSW41TVInput/Output(Video)Input: 4Output:1■ Select the A/V signal from one of four types of A/V equipment, such as a DVD recorder or DVD player.All RCA pin jacks have 24-karat gold plating.VSW41VSW31AV SELECTORPassive Type (requires no power supply)VSW31TVGame Console 1Game Console 2Game Console 3Input/Output(Video)Input: 3Output:1■ Use to easily switch among up to three game consoles Can also be used to switch among other A/V equipment, such as a video recorder, DVD player, video camera, and audio equipment!( )VSW31-PModelInput/Output(Video)Input/Output(Audio)DimensionsH×W×D(mm)Weight(g)VSW31Input:3 / Output:1 RCA Pin JacksInput:3-system / Output:1-systemRCA Pin Jacks stereo40×104×83(Package Dimensions: 221×122×43)100(Total Weight: 140)CHDHDMI CABLEGold-plated Plug■ Use this cable to connect HDMI-enabled A/V equipment to an HDMI-enabled TV for digital audio and video.HDMI-enabled A/V equipment or game consoleHDMI-enabled TVCHD10-PCHD15-PCHD20-PCHD30-PModelLength(m)DescriptionPackage DimensionsH×W×D(mm)Total Weight(g)CHD10-P1Standard HDMI plugs (Type A, 19-pin connectors)HDMI certifi ed cableNon-magnetic 24-karat gold-plated plugsSupports HDMI 1.3a, Category 2220×85×37120CHD15-P1.5220×85×37140CHD20-P2220×85×37160CHD30-P3220×85×37220RearRear