BS・CS CONNECTION CABLE216Maximum attenuation value will remain less than 115% of the nominal value.STC5Power Passing TypePower Passing Capacity 0.5A(DC15V)UHFFM・VHFBSCSCATVF-type Connector F-type connector (p.18-19) sold separately■Highly fl exible cable ●Ultra-thin bendable cable ●Integrated wire construction enables shape retention■Metal plated terminal resists rust High rust resistance and low contact resistance provide excellent durability and reliability.■High shielding performance The terminal has a unique metallic case construction and the cable has a two-layer shielded construction to protect all digital signals from external electric waves.ModelLength(m)Nominal Attenuation Value(dB)76MHz220MHz770MHz1336MHz2150MHz2602MHzSTC5-P0.50.611.522.52.8Cable cross-section1.3mm2.5mmWireCenter ConductorSTC5-P●Lay thin connection cables through windows that are not regularly opened and closed. Frequent opening and closing of the window can reduce performance of the cable and lead to disconnection.●Do not lay thin connection cable in areas where it can rub against open doors or windows.Installation location