ANTENNA ACCESSORIES for Home Use102MASTSM160ZM182ZM250ZM320Z■ Approximately one-sixth is hot-dip zinc coated for the same or better rust protection.■ The effect of magnesium and aluminum in the coating layer creates over time a protective fi lm on the coated surface with strong compact adhesion. This controls corrosion of the coating layer for excellent corrosion resistance.Strong Anti-rust Coated SteelResource-saving DesignThe thin coating provides high corrosion resistance and long life of the mast to help save resources. The mast uses treated inorganic materials without the use of chrome.ModelDiameter・LengthDescriptionWeight(kg)M130Z25.4mm・1.3 mStrong anti-rust coated steel (ZAM) *Approx. 0.9M160Z31.8mm・1.6 mApprox. 1.8M182Z25.4mm・1.82mApprox. 1.3M182Z3231.8mm・1.82mApprox. 2.2M230Z31.8mm・2.3 mApprox. 2.7M250Z31.8mm・2.5 mApprox. 2.9M320Z31.8mm・3.2 mApprox. 3.6* ZAM is high corrosion-resistant, hot-dip coated steel developed by Nisshin Steel Co., Ltd. and is a registered trademark of Nisshin Steel Co., Ltd.GUY RINGS■This bracket is used to install guy wires to a mast. The RSG model is a permanent type. (The rings are aluminum die cast, and thebrackets are coated with a hot-dip zinc coating (HDZ35).)ModelAdaptable Mast DiameterDescriptionRS2525.4mmStandard typeRS3231.8mmRSG2525.4mmPermanent typeRSG3231.8mmRSG32RS25RingBracketWALL MOUNTSSB13SSB22SSB25S172mm133t 3.2Max.φ32Min.φ22100mm200Max.φ25.4Min.φ22160222mm18482mm221mm189157Max.φ25.4Min.φ1687mmFor UHF Antenna (1 pc.) InstallationFor a home-use UHF antenna with 20 or fewer elements■ For a mast with a length up to 1.82 m.ModelAdaptable Mast Diameter(mm)DescriptionWeight(kg)SB13S22-32 Hot-dip zinc coating(KSG coating),Permanent typeApprox. 0.8SB22S22-25.4Hot-dip zinc coating(HDZ45),Permanent typeApprox. 0.6SB25S16-25.4 Hot-dip zinc coating(KSG coating), Permanent typeApprox. 0.7●KSG coating: hot-dip zinc and tin alloy coating ●HDZ45:JIS standard